Some of My Own Medicine

What If Matt Dies?

Well, bad news, I’m going to die. But hopefully not soon.  That said, a few brave clients have asked that question. It isn’t an easy question to ask someone – “Hey, so if you die, what about me? What happens to my accounts and stuff?”

That just sounds selfish, doesn’t it? My family is in mourning, our world upside down and you’re curious about your accounts?  Which is why I imagine more of you don’t ask.  But something tells me you may have had the thought.

Despite how it might sound, it is not a rude question. It is a real one.  It is an important one.  And I take no offense to it at all.

So, what would happen?  Because Sarah is not licensed to accept your payments for financial advice, we have arranged to have our business sold upon my death or permanent incapacitation another Commonwealth Financial advisor, Charlie Hoffman.

This is called a “Continuity Agreement” and it is on file at Commonwealth. That will allow you to have a licensed advisor whom I trust available to help you. Hopefully, upon meeting with Charlie, you decide it best and easiest to stay put.  He and I have discussed the details of this transition over the years and have come up with a solid plan to help you, should this ever arise.

He will be in the Santa Rosa area. Sarah will hopefully not die along with me. So, she will be here to help the transition. We have a very detailed plan for all of this, should it ever come to pass. He is someone I’ve come to know and trust over the years. He’s got even more experience than I do but he is only nine years older than I am. So, he isn’t looking to retire anytime soon.

Charlie actually visited us in late October. Some of you had the chance to meet him. It is nice for me to know our clients are going to be taken care of if I can't help them anymore.

Our clients are our business. Our business is our most important financial asset.  We are not going to leave that or you to chance if misfortune befalls me.  We have prepared for the best but planned for the worst.