Is Your Smart Phone Placing Your Privacy At Risk?

Is Your Phone Your Data Achilles ’ Heel?

Quick question – do you use a smart phone? An iPhone or Droid of some kind? Do you use a password to keep it locked? Many of our clients have answered “No, too much hassle to keep entering the password!”

You know what is a bigger hassle? Identity and data theft.  If you do things like social media (facebook, twitter, etc.) or if you use Google apps like Maps or Gmail, or if you have a banking application on your phone and handle bill payments and your phone isn’t password protected, you are toast if you lose the phone or it gets stolen.

It is simple to do and protects a wealth of information. Just get the password set! Also, if your iPhone is stolen, having it password protected allows you and Apple to track it down.  If the password protection is NOT enabled, the thief simply has a new iPhone to sell or use…along with all of your personal information.

Protect your identity and data, set up a password today. If you need help, either of us can quickly walk you through it. Give us a call.