Families and Individuals

Recently, the topic of "who is wealthy" has become something of a hot-button issue in America. The president defines wealthy as anyone making more than $250,000 per year. All of the sudden, many of us who think of ourselves as middle class have been defined as "affluent" or "wealthy."

Our experience tells a different tale. Our experience tells us these folks have worked very hard for what they have. Many sacrificed a lot early on to get a business started. Many took on quite a good deal of risk or debt. Whatever the size of their amassed savings or how they obtained it, very few tell us they feel "wealthy."

What is strange is how being a hard worker or good saver has become a negative in certain circles. In the past, the successful small business owner was praised for creating jobs. For giving back to her community. People who saved for their future were viewed as wise and disciplined. 

But today, if you listen or read certain opinions, it is as if you should be made to feel bad about working hard and saving. As if it was somehow wrong to better yourself financially and in life.

Fortunately, there are still those who believe the best way to succeed in life is by learning, working hard, and getting things done. We are here to help folks who share this mind-set. To guide you through the many confusing aspects of the world of finances so you're free to focus on what is important to you—your life, your career, your family, your retirement.

For some, there is still a place in America for working hard, saving, being kind, serving others, and earning your own way. We exist to help those individuals and families that share these sentiments meet their financial goals and objectives.