Who We Serve

As fiduciaries, we help the kind people and businesses of Santa Rosa and Sonoma County (and other places, too!) create individualized plans to meet their specific planning goals and objectives.

We provide our clientele with the intelligence, fairness, and strategies needed to succeed at saving, investing, and drawing income during a post-career life.

The company was founded to advise two specific client sets:

Individuals and families who appreciate a high-end, high-integrity financial advice. Our typical client is introduced to us by an existing client. Typically, a family that has worked hard, saved diligently, and values quality advice. We serve a lot of widows who are learning to handle finances on their own. We have many single women who have found disrespectful or patronizing treatment at other firms. Never here! We become indispensable support they need to successfully meet their financial objectives, all with a unique sense of community. More on a typical client here.

Business owners who seek fair and honest advice about retirement and pension plans. We provide high-end advice to the owner that desires to balance his or her own retirement savings with that of his or her employees. 401(k)s, cash balance pensions, 403(b)s, defined benefit plans, and more.

The company we’ve built strives each day to help people define their financial future. If you're tired of bad advice or bad service, give us a call. We think you'll like the way we serve our clients.